March Madness

Madness of March 2020 is a Pandemic!

Are you missing basketball? Or missing normalcy?

The NBA is shining right now for another reason. The players, coaches and organizations have stepped up to ensure the staff that work their games and events continue to get paid! If you really love the game go check out what the Phoenix Suns are planning.

Photo by Tomas Anunziata on

The world as we know is has temporarily hit the Pause button.

This situation has given us a gift, the gift of TIME. In my lifetime we have lost touch with people. My parents talk of a time when the gas attendant checked your oil, air pressure in your tires and cleaned your windshield while pumping your gas. Now we pay at the pump and never know who works at the station. We order our clothes, food and even coffee online. We can pick them up without speaking to anyone.

The technology that allows us to rush through life can also connect us. Many artists are planning Facebook live and Instagram live events during this time. We will be co-writing through FaceTime and What’s App.

Take this time to reconnect with those you are often too busy to call. Spend TIME doings things to take care of you; exercise, soak in the bath, read a book, write in a journal, meditate, pray.

Reconnect with family and friends and remember we are all in this together!

Xo, Gab

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