Music Unites

Music unites.

I have tried to find the correct words so many times over the last few days, but nothing seemed adequate. About a week ago Douglas Corner announced that it would not be reopening. This bar has hosted some of the greatest artists in country music. They also embraced and welcomed so many new artists to their stage. But this post is not simply about the loss of a venue.

Every time I walked into Douglas Corner it was packed wall to wall with people enjoying music. People from every walk of life, state, country, and nationality. We all spoke one language and that was music.

One of the biggest things that drew me to music was the feeling you get at a concert! So many people with different views, beliefs, and backgrounds, standing shoulder to shoulder singing the same lyrics. Music unites.

It is long past the time for us to start treating one another as equals. It’s so easy to lose sight of the things we have in common. We don’t have to look far to realize none of us are very different at all.

“In a world full of hate, be a light” Thomas Rhett
#nashvillestrong #musicunites

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