Peace Out 2020!

It’s December 1st!
2020 has been the strangest year and in 30 days we can say we survived.

2020, forced me out of my comfort zone!
Made me stretch my creative limits!
Gave me a new perspective on time and how I spend it!
Left me stronger, determined and yet kinder and more compassionate!
Renewed my hope to Believe in a brighter tomorrow!
Restored my faith in a Love that truly conquers all and can heal a broken world!

I have missed playing live shows with friends (not Zoom). But I have enjoyed the time to work on and finish several projects. Also allowing me time to reflect and plan when previously it felt like life was moving at warp speed.
I faced some big decisions this year and tackled some personal goals. Releasing my music, full production for the first time was amazing. Thank each and every one of you for the messages, emails and calls. Your kind words meant the world to me.
With one month to go, I am ready to ‘wrap’ up 2020. Closing it out with my recent release, ‘Christmas with You’ and getting ready for what is ahead.

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