Reasons to Journal Even if You’re Not a Writer

When I was fourteen, I stumbled upon writing and completely fell in love with it! I love having an outlet for everything I’m going through. As I’ve grown up, I find myself going back and reading through my old songbooks. It’s such an easy way to relive it all.

It does not matter if you’re a writer or not. Here are 3 reasons you should be journaling:

  1. You Remember – You’re never going to remember something as clearly as you do right after it happens. By recording your life in a journal you get to go back and see all of your mistakes, your triumphs, and the lessons you’ve learned. Writing daily, or even weekly entries is an amazing way to capture your life during that moment.
  2. Perspective- Journaling your progress on a particular goal is an amazing way to remind yourself where you started, and how far you’ve come. It’s easy to lose sight of how much progress you’ve made! Being able to look back at you’re journey can keep you motivated and keep you mindful of you’re accomplishments!
  3. Moving On- It is never easy getting over a painful or a particularly difficult situation. My mom has always said that the best way to get over something is to write everything you wish you could say into a letter and then throw it away. Writing about your situation allows you to feel like you’ve said what you need to, without risking hurting the other person.

It doesn’t matter if you are the best writer on the planet, learning to write for yourself can be so fulfilling. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Xo, Gab

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