Behind the Scenes of a Co-Write

Co-writes are great ways to expand the way you write. Writing with others allows you to bounce ideas, develop them and blend writing styles to create a unique song! Co-writing has been a key part of developing my songwriting skills since I have moved to Nashville!

I always say that writing a song happens different every time. As a songwriter all of my songs collectively tell my story. Each song reveals a part of my life. I often tell people you will know a songwriter after hearing a few of their songs better than most people you have known for years.  Co-writes add a new dynamic by bringing a new perspective to the song. The idea may stem from a topic that is sentimental for one and humorous for the other. The song may be based on how I’m feeling that day or how the person that I’m writing with relates to the topic. It never happens the same way twice, which keeps music fun and interesting! Today I had the chance to write with Katrina Burgoyne! We’ve known each other for about a month now and we finally got the chance to sit down and write!

Both of us moved away from home to Nashville to pursue music and the song we ended up writing was very personal. We bounced ideas off of one another for the first couple of minutes before I threw out an opening line that resonated with us both! Once we decided on using that line we moved to the piano where we figured out a melody and finished writing the first verse. The rest of the song we developed in order, moving from the verse to the pre-chorus, to the chorus, verse 2, and lastly the bridge! Writing Pic with Kat

Once we finished writing the song, we both loved it so much that we decide to record a demo of it. Katrina laid down the piano and guitar while I did vocals! The whole process took about three hours.


Within the next couple of weeks I will be announcing the release date of Volume II of my songwriter’s EP, so be on the lookout for that! Thank you so much for all of your love and support as you follow me on this journey!

Xoxo, Gab

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