Summer Outfits

It seems like this year, at least in the south, that we have skipped spring and went straight from winter to summer. Summer is my favorite season! What’s better than freedom from school, simply just having the time to do whatever you love to do, and vacations? In honor of the weather finally warming up (and staying that way) I wanted to share some of my favorite summer looks that you can dress up or down to fit all the fun things you have planned this season! Check out the outfits below and let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

I absolutely love Gingham!                                                                                                            You can find all of these pieces in the links →

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes!

Floral and Fringe! The perfect balance between edgy and classy!

Stripes part II


Dive into summer in your favorite outfit! Tag me in your pictures if you use one of these! I would love to see it!

Xoxo, Gab

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