January 28-February 4, 2018

I’m back home in Alabama for a couple of days, before moving next weekend! My week has been packed full of all things music! Sunday I had a photoshoot for my spotify and itunes accounts! Sunday afternoon I drove back to Alabama for a few days. By Wednesday I was back up in Nashville! I had a cowrite and then looked through all of the photos from the shoot Sunday!

Thursday I spent the day in the studio recording a new song for my EP and I even got to learn a little about the production side of things!

Friday I shot a new video for Youtube (Should be up next week!) and got to play at The Commodore Grille in downtown Nashville with my good friends Nathan Shore!

Saturday I had a cowrite at 10 am which ended up lasting until 4:30 and me learning how to play the bass guitar! We wrote an awesome song and had a lot of fun!

I can’t wait to be in Nashville full time! Have a great week!

Xoxo, Gab

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